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Are you thinking of running a trivia night but don't want to pay an exhorbitant amount of money getting someone in to run it? Then why not run it yourselves? It's not that hard. We can supply you everything you need. All you have to supply is a compere and most of the profits then stay with you.

And if you are tired of trivia nights where the format is still the same as it was years ago, then why not try something different? Liven up the evening by incorporating video (movie scenes, great sporting moments, musical groups, historical footage, TV shows, etc.), audio clips (name that tune, movie & TV themes, secret voices, famous quotes, guess the next line, etc.) and images (sport, history, world landmarks, who am I, anagrams, etc.) on a large screen or TV, along with various current affairs and topical general knowledge questions.

Trivia Fundraising Nights has been providing professional trivia packages for over 20 years. Whether it's a hotel or club who want extra customers to attend on a traditionally quiet night, a school or kindergarten fundraiser, a cruise ship that wants to entertain its passengers or a retirement home who simply want to have a great social occasion, we cater for all occasions.

We plan and prepare all the time-consuming items necessary to run a successful and entertaining evening, including all the self-running activities on the big screen, scoresheet, extra games and activities, a trivia checklist and a suggested format for the night. Everything is supplied on one USB that can be inserted into a laptop computer and connected to a large screen or TV.

A balanced, fun night is assured that caters for all age groups. You might even like to have a theme for the evening (eg. Hollywood, Melbourne Cup, Sport, the 80s, Horror, 60s Music, Halloween, Anzac Day, etc.).

Whatever the occasion, we can plan it around your needs. Everything you need is supplied on one USB or DVD.

All you supply is the compere!


packages available

The following table describes the range of packages available through Trivia Fundraising Nights.

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Pubs Button New

Pub trivia nights

2-3 hours
Clubs Button New

Regular Licensed Club Trivia Nights

Time spans to suit
Schools Button New

One-off School Fundraising Nights

3 - 4 hours
Waiting Rooms Button New

Continuous (visual) presentations on a television screen

1-2 hours
Other Button New Weekly, regular or one-off nights to suit any occasion Time spans to suit


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