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Trivia Fundraising Nights can plan any type of occasion your club or group requires. Many types of organisations have already taken advantage of what we have to offer, not only pubs, clubs, schools, kindergartens and retirement homes, but also:


Caravan Parks


Cinema Centres

Birthday Parties (all ages)

Football, Netball & Cricket Clubs

Aged Care Facilities & Retirement Homes

Coffee Shops & Cafes

Medical waiting rooms

Cruise Ships (Viking Europoean River Cruises)

Conventions & Conferences

Welfare Groups

Parents Clubs


Whatever the occasion or group, Trivia Fundraising Nights can plan it around your needs.

Simply contact us for more information.


If your organisation or club would like more information about running your own trivia

fundraiser, or simply want some advice or guidance, please feel free to contact TFN.

Prices on application


PLEASE NOTE………..if you are unsure as to whether or not this type of regular function might be successful or not, I am prepared to supply you with a free, modified sample kit to have a look at.