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As with pubs, regular trivia nights at venues like RSLs, bowling clubs, golf clubs and surf clubs are also a good way to generate interest and again encourage people to attend on what might be relatively quiet nights.

Themed nights are also a good way to motivate people and generate interest amongst members. Topics such as the 80s, Hollywood, Sport in the 70s, Horror, Entertainment, Cartoons, James Bond, ANZAC Day etc. have proved very popular and are great fun to organise. These nights can run for anything from one to four hours, and can be as simple as a question and answer night with some audios thrown in, to ones that includes video activities on a large screen, an excel spreadsheet scoresheet, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire' segments, "Pick Your Face' activities and "Who Am I" challenges.

Whatever the occasion, Trivia Fundraising Nights can plan it for you. All you supply is the compere.

All of the above items can be sent to you on the one USB that includes all the activities you need to run a successful night. Prices depend on the selected package. $30+


PLEASE NOTE………..if you are unsure as to whether or not this type of regular function might be successful or not, I am prepared to supply you with a free sample kit to have a look at. It would contain a shortened version of everything listed above.